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Short, Short Dream Stories


Dreams have always been of interest to the general population and have spun a number of different industries for centuries. Many artists have found that their creative muse has spoken to them in their dreams. Diverse composers as Beethoven, Bob Dylan, and Paul McCartney have all referenced experiences where their songs came to them while in the dream, or unconscious mind state. Bob Curran's many studies included reading about a metaphysician named Stuart Wilde, who suggested that everyone should immediately write down their dream each morning. And many psychologists and psychiatrists have written countless volumes as to how dreams function as a means of resolving conflicts or answering questions or dilemmas that have occurred during the waking, conscious hours of the day.

It was with his background, some concrete examples of this "magic" that Bob began this work. Examples include how Michael Faraday, who invented the electromagnet, the basis of every electromagnetic device developed since that day, including computers, smart phones and space technology, was a nearly illiterate, uneducated farmer who knew nothing of science and yet "saw" the principles of the electromagnet in his dreams, rushed the concept to the scientists of his day, and was as astounded as they were when the bits and pieces of the details of his dream produced a revolutionary, workable invention, that was nothing less than a giant leap forward in the development of the whole of mankind's knowledge. It was with this background and this insight—all from others experiences–that Bob Curran decided to compile these short, short dream stories. They're definitely not what you call "Chapters" and so they're simply numbered rather than called "Chapters."

Read Number One: "The Ever Changing Picture"

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