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College Diploma

Let’s See Your College Diploma

Let's See Your College Diploma

Although I graduated with a double major(almost–6 credits shy of a BS in Psychology) but with a B.A. in English and 3 years of biology and science as a biology major(they called it "pre-med") I was asked by a Pest Control company, among other things:  "We'll have to see a copy of your College diploma."

I've never been asked for that document in nearly 30-years of sales success.  NEVER.

My parents received it in the mail when I had already moved to East Hartford, Connecticut and I'm sure it's available by request or online, but for a "pest control company?!!"  I was at that moment that I mentally, at least, walked out that door, never to be seen again!

As Woody Allen once remarked:

"You'll have to excuse me now, Fred.  I'm due back on earth!!"

"We've been told that we're worse than the C.I.A…" the hiring manager laughed.

I hope he's still laughing because that joke is over for me!