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Josh Child Interview

Josh Child Interview

Josh Child Interview

I'll be having a chat with a very Digital-savvy gentleman this afternoon at 3pm. His name is Josh Child.  I can't wait to explore the full universe of possibilities with his position.
I've tried in vain to get the suits in the radio business, especially my latest job, to expand their horizons but they kept to the mantra of:
"Radio is who we are.  Radio is what we do!"

I even offered the services of a full video production company and share examples of their YouTube-type videos for them.

I received a "beat down" instead."

What a lucky break that they didn't see it my way, or didn't WISH to see it my way.

This is why most of the major clusters haven't posted a profit since 2009.  And this is why they're doomed to the "dustbin of history!"  Sad and tragic, but woefully true!