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Morning In America Again

Morning In America Again

Morning In America Again

The old saying goes that for every door that shuts behind us a new door full of opportunities opens in front of us.

The tragedy is that many people are so obsessed  or so focused on the door that has shut that they fail to notice the new door of exciting opportunity that has just opened in front of them.

I've learned a lot of things the "hard way" but one aspect of learning things the "hard way" is that you do truly "learn."

The ancient Chinese symbol for "crisis" is the exact same symbol for "opportunity" and so it is that in every crisis there lies an opportunity.

In this sense I've been given an opportunity to now work out of my home, "no running cars into the ground" as an old friend of mine, Mark Suthers, put it(He also works from home) and no being "judged" and "blamed" by some idiot who couldn't sell and has thus been presented as some sort of "guru" lording over the masses of lemmings beneath him.

The sick, egotistical bald bastard whom I've left behind will certainly, someday, "get his."  And I'm much better off in my life without seeing his face.

He'll be reminded of me and "get his" every week when there's an update on the specials for the huge supermarket chain I brought on board about a week before I left…
He'll "get his" as a half dozen salespeople scramble around and attempt to pick up the pieces of all of the long-term business I left behind.
He'll "get his" as various trade deals need to be pieced together from projects I  had in the works.

He'll "get his" as all of the accounts that I had in the works are chased down like a farmer trying to herd a range full of rabbits, running in all directions.
He'll get his as the on air personality. whose financial household I saved cashes in his $100 worth of free groceries each week as he updates the specials from the supermarket chain.  I've reached out to this man, both by e-mail as well by phone–yet he dare not "rock the boat" by replying to me, his family's grocery tab hangs in the balance and I can't fault him for being in any way associated with me—there's that bald bastard psycho who is obviously unhinged, based on the decision he made to terminate my career over a legitimate -e-mail reply to the business manager who wrote that my valid, yet kind of sarcastic e-mail complaints about my clients being poorly serviced and actually cheated, bordering on fraud, since we had taken their money via credit card but failed to deliver what they had paid for, was "counterproductive."
He;ll "get his" as he loses what I had in the works, was about to get in the works, and had future scheduled plans to place in the works.

And he'll "get his" as he loses all of the limitless achievements, successes like ones he so lavishly praised in front of everybody, that I would have continued to create for him and the company.

In short as he "gets his" he'll realize again and again, in so many different ways, just what kind of short-sighted lunkhead he was.  His and the company's loss, I've made my indelible mark throughout the entire marketplace!  I'm moving nowhere but onward and upward!

But you know something?  I clearly KNEW that going in and thus always, as a former sales manager and friend of mid put it, "had a plan B."

I'm truly lucky and as the majority of the people along the "Emerald Coast" phrase it, "truly blessed."
Your old friend 

Bounced Down Three Flight of Stairs



After being, as they say in the radio industry, "bounced down three flights of stairs and right out into the parking lot…on my ass!" I was bale to connect with a nationally-syndicated talk show personality who is on over 100 radio stations in syndication. He'll be picking up my health insurance payments, throwing me enough to pay my bills, and paying me a 50% commission on every national endorsement I can book for him, starting at $10,000 per month per new advertiser.

Yessss, the world is good to good people.  And Karma" is a force to be reckoned with for sure!