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"Thank you, Bob!  Yes, during the bank's expansion we gained a great many new customers and employees, all saying that they were extremely impressed with the on-air, online, and jingle package you were able to deliver to our marketing efforts with your station.  Thanks again!  You're the best!"
—Anne Lee, retail banking president, First Bank, Florida division
"You're nothing short of being the 'poster child' for the exact way we envision new direct business being cultivated, developed, and brought on as new enterprise business to our radio stations!"
—-Howard Tuuri, Vice president and general manager, Cox Radio, Saint Petersburg, Florida.
"The fact that you put your customer's needs and goals over personal considerations speaks volumes about your professionalism!  Thanks again!"
–Chris Bredburnner, Vice President, Hernando-Pasco Hospice
"You are the master of not just creating ideas for your clients, but more importantly, the EXECUTION of those ideas!"

–Michael Whalen, Vice president and market general manager, Radio 810, WGY, Albany, New York
"Twenty-two new, direct accounts you opened in twenty-three weeks, at CBS, is a record that will never be broken, let alone even equaled.  I was happy to be there to see it happen!"
–Lee Kercher, former account executive at "Oldies 104.7" and currently top billing producer at Viamedia, Verizon Fios, Tampa bay
"Our beach stroll raised over $125,000, mostly due to the Dick Ring endorsements on WDUV.  Thank you for everything you do for our hospice!"
–Felipe Herrera, marketing coordinator, The Hospice of the Florida Suncoast.
–Shawn J. Rae, president/C.E.O. of Florida's reverse Mortgage Corporationre
"Thanks so much for sharing this success story, Bob!  This again demonstrates that you both talk the talk as well as walk the walk.  And I know it'
"Your ability to network your accounts together for their mutual benefit is just another example of your professionalism.  Of all  of the various media I've used, your approach at WDUV was by far the most successful!"s not an easy "walk."  Unfortunately there are no words in the English language that can adequately express your professionalism.  I'm proud of you as I'm sure your managers are as well!"

–Sophie Fry, The Center For Sales Strategy
''You are truly at networking and sales genius!"
–Andrea Wood, 101.5FM, "The Point" Tampa Bay, Florida
"I consider us much more than merely being in a sales relationship.  I consider us to really be business partners."
–Wally Mackey, the Sycamore group, Tampa, Florida

"I've met a lot of salespeople in my time, Bob, but you are, without a doubt, the most caring and sensitive to my needs. You are a consummate professional. I really enjoy working with you."
–Peter Scribner, Web Design St.Petersburg, Florida, St. Petersburg, Florida